Justine’s Stream Weekly Angel Reading (July 21, 2014) 

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Have a great week! You are lovable!

So I got lost yesterday, on purpose. No destination in mind, aside from eventually finding a subway station. I was reminded to stop and enjoy the beauty of the path, of the journey.. Where I am, where I stand.. Because when you’re always looking for the next thing, you miss the moment.. You miss out on life happening right before your eyes. So be where you are, even if you don’t really know where that is.

Justine’s Stream Weekly Angel Reading (July 14, 2014)

Weekly guidance video is here for you early as I’m traveling this week! After filming, I watched Doreen Virtue’s reading and she also picked up on the inner child message that I did! Time to nurture the little you inside.. take time to play, rest, do what you feel you need to do, for YOU!

Second wave of We’ve Got a Light is in motion! Enjoy the excitement before I announce my album cover, title & release date.. so soon! A live version of the single is now available on vinyl, it was recorded on a mountain top!! Andddd of course we have this lovely new video http://youtu.be/0WurcLaQbSI

A live version of my single is on vinyl! Super pumped! My record player is broken.. Who has one friends?! We need a listening party, indeed. PS. It was recorded on the top of a mountain..!!

This is a pretty loaded question.. Seems simple but it’s truly deep. I’ve found myself lately not feeling very loved, even though I know, in truth, that I AM love.. I am loved & supported.. So this begs the question, why am I not feeling/seeing/hearing the love? It very much exists but I’m almost blind to it. I’ve found myself expecting love to show up in certain ways.. And assuming when those expectations aren’t met, that I am “not loved” or “not worthy”. I’ve been wanting to hear the words “I love you”. I’ve been wanting hugs, smiles, laughter.. Time with friends.. And it never seems to show up in that way. But I’m realizing that we each love differently. And we love imperfectly.

Justine’s Stream Weekly Angel Reading (June 30, 2014)

As always you can check out my blog justinesstream.tumblr.com
Or email me at justines.stream@gmail.com

Ladies & gentlemen! Drum roll please! Here it is, my first music video of all time! If you know me, you’ll think “this is SO Justine” and if you don’t know me, you’ll get a glimpse into my heart & soul. Cliff did a fantastic job capturing this song and who I AM. This video embraces everything I love, nature, light, simplicity.. beauty and faith.. Filmed in the downtown core of Sudbury which is my neck of the woods and where I’ve been evolving as an artist over the years. My heart is filled with joy! Please share, and don’t forget this single is available worldwide on iTunes, Amazon & Google Play! #wevegotalight

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